Since 22nd of April, 2010, UnownX Wiki has a new feature: Featuring. Featured materials may be any pages — articles, images, videos, templates, etc. Various sub-features were also created to support this new features.

See the past and present featured materials HERE!

About Featuring

Featuring is a new feature, released April 22, 2010. A featured material is an article, image, template, etc that might attract or inspire users. They might also followed the correct guideline of the site. Only the admins can mark a material as featured, for the meantime, since not much users are active in UnownX Wiki. To add a featured material here, type {{featured tag}} over the article page.

Voting will be released if about a dozen or more users got active in the wiki.

How to nominate an article

  1. Rate it using comments and ratings.
  2. Nominate it in the article's talk page.
  3. Voting is coming soon if enough users (about a dozen) is active in the site.
  4. May be used to advertise (or commemorate) dead pages.
  5. Admins may also randomly pick an article if it follows the wiki's layout.

Supporting the new feature

To support the new feature, UnownX created the following:

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