A pure Nexus element
Vital Statistics
Name Nexus
Symbol NX
Type ancient treasure
Location / Source Atlantis, Pacifica, Leviathan
Rarity Level 97%

The Nexus (NX) is a fictional element in The Saga. It is also considered as a treasure but it is an element. It is a very rare element being protected in Pacifica and Atlantis for a long time already. The Nexus (Latin for center) is also the life source of the two kingdoms, being covered by diamond, platinum, onyx, and pearl particles, making it look like a crystal. The Nexus is an artificial element which was possibly created by Leviathan, the guardian of Atlantis. Nexus is the Heart of the Ocean, without it, the ruling kingdoms of Atlantis and Pacifica will be lifeless and the oceans will be out of control.

Inside the Nexus is a hidden force. Since the origin of Leviathan is left unknown, the origin of the element is also unknown. It is believed that Black Cotton element is inside the Nexus.

Starship of the Nexus

A spacecraft will be sent to dominate the planet holding the element if it's activated.

One possibility is for sure, if the Nexus is opened, it would send a signal to Leviathan's home planet and send an alien spacecraft to dominate the planet holding the element. It is also believed that these alien creatures might came from a nearby alien colony in the Solar System.

It is a very critical and powerful element, that's why Lucifer wants to get the element to help him with his plans for world domination and take his part into Heaven's dominion once again. A Dark Force, named Cthulhu also wants to take the Nexus to regain his place as king of the Seven Seas.

The rarity level of the element is high, because even though found in Earth, it is only found in three specific places in the planet:

  1. In Atlantis - Atlantis holds the Aquamarine Nexus.
  2. In Pacifica - Pacifica holds the Pacific Nexus.
    The Pacific Nexus was formerly held by R'lyeh.
  3. Leviathan's Heart - the life source of Leviathan, the original and most pure element.

Since Black Cotton and Nexus have the same origin, the Unknown. Lucifer believes that the element and Black Cotton might be related to each other. They might have came from the ends of the voids of the universe, or a nearby alien colony.

Still, at the present, only Leviathan and the elders of Atlantis and Pacifica are the only ones who know the origin of this critical element. Please remember that the Nexus is just fiction, it's not true. Whether you believe or not in aliens, it's up to you.