House of Lust
House of Lust
Vital Statistics
Official Name House of Lust
Structural Type Multipurpose; clubhouse
Location Circle of Lust, Hell

The House of Lust is one of the few buildings in the Circle of Lust in Hell. It serves as home to succubi and incubi, demons that seduce humans during their sleeps. The House of Lust not only serves as a home but also a torture chamber for tormented souls. Souls are sent here to experience rape from hundreds of incubi/succubi in the area. Alruna the Succubus rules over the succubi while her partner Anurla the Incubus rules over the incubi.

The House of Lust is also the place of the death of the Furies. They were killed by Alruna and Anurla because of their reasonless punishment to Miaka and Kuroi.

The House of Lust is made up of two towers. The first tower, the taller one serves as home to succubi, since succubi has more population than incubi. The second tower serves as home for the incubi. Pools and a fountain of blood are present outside. It is believed to be the blood of infants that died of abortion.

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